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Unleashing small business owners

Marketing System + Coaching + Adaptable Guides

Nothing is more valuable to your small business than you.

So your marketing strategy should work for you instead of creating more decisions.

We create the system to reduce the time and stress of gaining, holding and converting attention.​

With coaching and tools personalized to your objectives - so you can keep taking on the world.

We'll lead you through the process to understand your target customers more intimately, create and highlight new advantages, and showcase your distinct brand.

Book a complimentary sample of the ideas that will help you stand out and create fanatics.

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About Our Business

We live for this. Small businesses are our family.  

Our mission is to give small business owners an edge - to help deliver on the dream of making their business a success.

We have the advantage of working in and for small and large businesses, and Calla Consulting is our chance to make the tools of the big companies accessible to everyone. 

Our marketing and strategy expertise is combined with an edge shaped by a decade in Naval Aviation - which gives you access to ideation that's out of reach from your competition.  

The chance to work alongside small business owners on their biggest challenges gives us pride and fulfillment - bringing the broadest skill stack to not only survive, but thrive. 

And, most importantly, grow our family with each new relationship. 

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Contact Us

Reach out if you're stuck on any problem - sometimes a little ideation and some fresh eyes can spark something big for you.

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